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Special Events

Our 2014 — 2015 schedule incorporates a special programme of events aimed at company representatives from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.  The duration of events ranges from 3 days to 10 days and over, taking place in the country of your choice at a time that suits you and your employees.

We work closely with our clients in formulating and preparing the events and you can set the criteria for the subjects covered, the format of the event and its full itinerary (i.e. would you like professional training from industry experts, workshops, lectures, roundtable forums, company visits, field trips, internships etc.).

You are free to decide the optimum group structure for your event.  If your group consists of 8-15 attendees, we can limit the event to only accommodate representatives from your company.  If, however, your group is made up of fewer than eight people, then you would have the choice of supplementing it with representative from other companies.

If you or your company would like to participate in any of our special events, or if you have any additional queries, please contact us on


Our over 15 year experience of working with leading companies from the CIS countries has made us flexible and effective in fulfilling professional demands of our clients. Our experience includes cooperation with both for-profit and governmental structures and institutions. As soon as you inform us concerning the subject and/or speakers that you would like to learn from during the training we are sure to design the advance training taking into consideration your demands. In the long course, our company has established long-lasting relationships with a variety of professional organizations all over the world, as well as contacts with speakers and highly-qualified trainers in the leading sectors of industry.

The area of our speakers’ and consultants’ investigation corresponds to the categories of suggested programs:

  • International law and arbitration
  • Economics and finance
  • Human Resources
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction, design and architecture


Great Britain currently boasts more than 4,000 educational establishments, which welcome overseas students  –  at present, over 250,000 foreign students are enlisted.  The universities, colleges and private schools of Great Britain have a reputation of providing top qualifications that are recognised worldwide, complying with the most stringent learning standards.

Together with basic language courses, you also have the opportunity to gain professional training that is conducted in English, on subjects such as finance, accounting and management, which would prepare you for career progression and to meet any challenges of the international job market.

We provide information, advice and help concerning every aspect of education in Great Britain and will personally choose the educational establishments best suited to your needs or the needs of your family or employees.

Please email for further information.


London is widely recognised as a global fashion centre, offering a huge array of shops, both high street and designer, to match any budget or taste.  The London shopping scene draws in many visitors from overseas, who are in search of the latest collections and fashion inspiration.

We offer a unique programme that will introduce you to the most magnificent tourism attractions across London, including historical sites, Royal palaces, museums and other places of interest, while also incorporating visits to the leading fashion establishments and boutiques across London to give you a taste of the current international fashion trends.

To participate, please e-mail us at


The range of our activities includes team building events and corporate field trips, which can effectively motivate staff, improve lines of communication and achieve higher levels of productivity.

Events include:

  • A city tour with visits to London’s most remarkable sights;
  • River cruises on the Thames;
  • Fishing on Rutland Water, the largest lake in Western Europe, located in the idyllic county of Rutland;
  • Military-style team building games and activities;
  • The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival – every May, Scotland hosts this popular festival in Speyside (home to famous whisky distilleries such as Glenfiddich, Glen Grant and Strathisla).  You will be able to sample a variety of whiskies, including some very rare types.
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