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At Capital Business Events, our priority is to meet our clients’ requirements.  Bearing in mind the emerging trends and issues brought about by the economic downturn, we have expanded the breadth of our services and today we are proud to offer the following:


Consulting, outsourcing, marketing


Specialist training to help you achieve optimum results in your business through effective managerial skills, strategic marketing and outsourcing, covering the vital issues surrounding finance, successful investment, planning, pricing structures and cost saving, governance and lean production to create value and meet targets.


Developing a business plan


Receive expert guidance on preparing an impactful business plan and undertaking feasibility studies for investment proposals, risk management, innovation and product launches.  Establish a robust platform from which to launch your business and anticipate any potential obstacles.


Corporate training


Professional training and custom-made programmes on a range of topics:

  • International law and arbitration
  • Economics and finance
  • Human Resourses
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction, design and architecture

Training is a vital component of success and fulfilling your business objectives.  Course content is thoroughly researched and prepared and our high quality instructors employ effective training styles to ensure that our clients are able to enhance performance and harness their skills to attain tangible results.


Team building


A variety of tailor-made team building events for corporate clients, designed to enhance team performance and communication within your organisation.  We can offer industry-specific programmes and activities in locations around the world, developed using a flexible approach to match your specific requirements.


Master classes


Professional training and tuition at the client’s venue by a visiting tutor / expert


Language Programmes


To conduct business on an international scale, effective communication skills have never been more important and the ability to speak one or more foreign languages will help to set you apart from competitors.  Multilingual staff can really be central to international business success.  We provide a range of language courses to cater for this need, customised to match any ability level.

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