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Retail and Online Retail American-Style. The Future is Here.

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Retail and online sales is an industry that goes through rapid innovation. That is why, for those working in the industry, it is crucially important to be up to date as far as the latest technology and the latest operational methods are concerned.

This is exactly what we offer: an opportunity for you to see the latest methods of taking and forming the order, packaging it, and delivering it to the client.

To this end, we will:

  • Visit the newest Amazon Fulfillment Center in Middletown, Delaware;
  • Get you in direct contact with the innovation leaders of the retailing industry;
  • Visit the world’s largest trade show RETAIL’S BIG SHOW (17-21 January 2016).

 What kind of support do we offer?

    • At the RETAIL’S BIG SHOW, you will be able to select the companies you wish to meet, and we will assist in organizing these meetings.
    • You will be able to visit the ultramodern Amazon warehouse equipped with the KIVA system. The visit will take place in a group of no more than 20 people, so that you get personal attention and get all your questions answered.
    • During your visits with the companies, you will be accompanied by a professional interpreter.
    • We will attend to each of your requests, and you will receive answers from our knowledgeable consultants.
    • Your stay in the US will be organized in accordance with the international standards as provided by the company called CapitalBE.
    • Upon completion of the training program, you will receive an international certificate of professional development in the field of retail / online retail.
    • As part of your visit to the Amazon, you will see a demonstration of a new generation of autonomous mobile robots KIVA SYSTEMS. These robots are replacing the conveyor belt systems and making warehouses run by humans obsolete.
    • Every year in New York, NY, there is a specialized Exhibition and a Conference known as the  Retail’s Big Show. It is organized by the American National Retail Federation, NRF. This year, it will be the 105th time that New York City hosts this Exhibition.
16-22 January 2016
New York, USA
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