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Modern methods and technologies of enhanced oil recovery

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Global energy concerns regarding the depletion of natural hydrocarbons have compelled industry experts to seek more advanced and innovative technologies and methods for hydrocarbon recovery. Considering that the average mass of recoverable oil is only 30%, it is essential that focus be put on wells operating in the later stage development.

Modern application and implementation of innovative technologies has proven to improve the efficiency of oil production, increase the amount of hard-extractable hydrocarbon resources and reduce costs of the final product.

Furthermore, companies and corporations that apply new technologies in their hydrocarbon recovery practice have proven to have a competitive advantage in the global market.

In order to acquire the newest and up to date information about the latest industry achievements from the developers and consumers themselves, Capital Business Events will be holding a technological seminar on “Modern Methods and Technologies for Enhanced Oil Recovery” on March 17-23, 2019 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The main course objective is to gain insight into the latest developments and new technologies for successful application and implementation of enhanced oil recovery methods.

Programme Outline:

  • Analysis of the state and potential of EOR. Fundamental principles and modern technologies.
  • Physical and chemical methods of enhanced oil recovery (EOR).
  • Thermal, gas and combined techniques.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery from Heavy Oil Reservoir
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery from Naturally Fractured Reservoir (NFR)


17-23 March 2019
Aberdeen, Scotland

Reviews from participants

Oil and gas
ООО Лукойл-Нижневартовскнефть
По темам, касающиеся повышения нефтеотдачи пластов, бурения (геологические проводки) горизонтальных скажин и доклады по ним были по теме моей непосредственной деятельности. Доклады были грамотными и полезными.
Ведущий геолог, Ильдар Халиуллов
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