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Effective Methods of Recruitment and Staff Evaluation. UK Experience.

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  • Perform a comprehensive examination and analysis of your organizational structure with focus on improving HR Management processes: reporting methodology, presentation of modern approaches using as example real international case studies.
  • Provide personal recommendations tailored to your organization to introduce improvements and changes in your operating model.
  • Offer guidance for Best Practices in business reporting

This specialised course will provide you with a unique opportunity to:

  • Gain an insight into an internationally recognized accredited personnel testing system, used by successful companies such as, Shell Petroleum International plc, DHL, Siemens plc, Rolls Royce plc, Nestle International, The Walt Disney Company, and Barclays Bank.
  • Visit HR-departments of leading international companies.
  • Participate in situation analysis studies from HR-managers practice of UK companies.
  • Receive a course attendance certificate upon completion (40 hours completion of advanced training)


  • Gain understanding of the key functions that a Company’s HR Service area provides in enabling the business to achieve its mission and development strategies and meet corporate goals.
  • Discuss new HR technologies and techniques employed by successful companies. Learn best corporate HR management practice in the CIS and Europe through comparative analyses and models.   
  • Highlight HR performance criteria aimed to reduce misunderstanding between management and employee and enhance a company’s production efficiency. Discuss Implementation strategies.
  • Agree how to address complex projects in terms of business, cultural and technological features, with emphasis on topics such as conflict resolution situations.   
  • Discuss best practices for staff recruitment and assessment (Universal testing systems, Reporting programs).
  • Approaches to motivate personnel through the setting of goals and objectives. Suggestions on how to foster innovation as an effective tool to improve employee productivity.
  • Provide process to attract and retain talented global management staff by examining strategies employed by leading international companies. Best approach to establish HR-budgeting and other issues.
23-27 April 2018
London, UK
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