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Cross-disciplinary data sets integration and its interpretation in 3D geological models

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Oil and gas field modelling plays a key role in reservoir description and understanding of reservoir fluids filtration. The modelling process involves combination of a number of disciplines: geophysics, geology, petrophysics and reservoir engineering. Despite some interaction between disciplines in practice there are typical problems: objectives inconsistencies, weak disciplines feedback, disregard for the details and different scales (micro, macro) of the research that leads to uncoordinated geological models. Eventually, the reliability of the results and model prediction ability raise doubts.

Due to the special relevance of these issues, we have tailored the workshop on «Cross-Disciplinary Data Sets Integration and its Interpretation in 3D Geological Models.»

Participants will be provided with opportunity to:

  • Get up-to-date information about the latest achievements, new technological developments and its practical application.
  • Analyze existing methods and approaches to building strategies in the field of geological modelling in different oil companies.
  • Exchange views and opinions on work organization and training process on integrated modelling development.


This course is for you, if you are:

  • General Director, Chief Engineer, Technical Director
  • Laboratory manager or employee of the laboratory complex
  • Specialist in different disciplines: geology, petrophysics and reservoir sedimentology, technology, etc.
  • Head of technology department: geological and hydrodynamic modeling
  • Specialist of oil and gas companies and research organizations


Programme Outline:

  • Basic requirements for geological modelling in the development of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Monitoring and estimation of energy reserves.
  • Modelling strategy selection.
  • An integrated approach to modelling of carbonate reservoirs.
  • Workflow and modelling synergy.
  • Reservoir modeling for hydraulic fracturing application.
  • Modern software. Comparative analysis.


25 February - 03 March 2018
Calgary, Canada
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