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The results of the business programme on «Express delivery and logistics activities. French Experience»

Express delivery and the logistics of shipping. A European experience. This recurring seminar was dedicated to modern solutions and technologies that distribution and transportation companies use to manage their business. The seminar took place in Paris and ended on January 27, 2017.
We organized this seminar in cooperation with our French partner, Le Connoisseur. In recent years, the seminar became popular with the leading CIS logistics companies and with the companies that care about their competitiveness.



Among the participants were representatives of the OZON Delivery, which is one of the largest logistics operators in Russia. The KIT, a rapidly developing transportation company attended as well. We also welcomed the PAKLINE logistics, which is the leading operator of 3PL class logistics services in Ukraine.

On the first day of the seminar, the participants visited the GenerixGroup, a developer of collaborative software for commerce ecosystem. A talk by a Supply chain expert, dealt with the trends of logistics and e-commerce in France, the system of B2B and B2C traffic management, order processing, and the logistics of returned goods. A discussion of the «last mile» courier services and the analysis of their effectiveness used the UK as an example.



Director General of Generix Group in Russia and the CIS, discussed the short-term and medium-term strategy of his company in the CIS countries.

Managing Partner of the Diagma consulting company, discussed the express and urban deliveries in France, described the main companies active in this sector, talked about innovations in the logistics of delivery and about the latest trends in sorting letters and parcels.

In the afternoon, the participants visited the new, soon to be launched, distribution center of the Relais Colis transportation company. This company leads the French sector of delivery of e-commerce orders.



Managing Director and his colleagues: Commercial Director and the Development Manager focused their presentation on the reorganization of the system of serving and informing the client from placing the order online to the delivery of the parcel. They also discussed the involvement of non-core players in the process of e-commerce, a delivery method that many customers prefer.

CEO of Danem, a startup that created an app used for the «last mile» logistics, discussed the app’s programming Interface as courier services use it.



President of ColisPrive, a private company engaged in express and courier delivery, discussed warehouse management. ColisPrive counts among its shareholders Amazon France, the giant of e-commerce. He also spoke about the latest geolocation systems for parcels and traffic, as well as about synchronization of warehouse processes: inventory and registration of items arriving to the warehouse.

Our next stop was at the multifunctional transportation and logistics center GEODIS — the fourth largest provider of logistics services in Europe. With the staff of 340, this center handles 50,000 parcels a day. The center is equipped with an automatic sorting, weighing, and labeling systems, as well as with the pallet sorters. A visit to the GEODIS was very impressive because of the scale of the center and the level of organization of all logistical processes there.



On the last day of the Seminar, the participants visited the automated sorting center of Chronopost, the French state-owned express operator. This center is equipped with the BEUMER system whereas the the Geodis center has the Vanderland system.

Sales Director for France of the Vitronic company accompanied the participants. He described the system of automatic recognition VIPAC and demonstrated its work on the conveyor lines of the Chronopost sorting center. In addition to conventional barcodes, the videorecording equipment allows to reliably recognize more complex two-dimensional codes or multiple codes at the same time (multi-codes reading) while the items are being fed at a high rate of speed.



In accordance to our tradition, each participant was awarded an international certificate for successful completion of the seminar.

Our company, Capital Business Events, is grateful to all partners and speakers for their assistance in organizing the seminar and to all participants for their confidence and fruitful collaboration.

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