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If your Company is entering into the fast-pace and growing market of business services, or you are already running an established and successful business, we would like to introduce you to Capital Business Events, a London-based consultancy, providing one of the most efficient and effective marketing strategy programs to broaden your competitive advantage, strengthen market presence and credibility, and increase network capabilities.

Established in 2005 Capital Business Events has attained a solid market reputation in the global marketplace for delivering high quality and cost-effective professional training programs in the key fields of finance, law, construction, insurance, mining, oil and gas.

We are currently campaigning for new Sponsors to take part in Capital BE’s growing and successful business. As a Sponsor of our organization, your Company will increase its brand loyalty, create awareness and visibility by reaching a higher professional level of communication with your potential customers and partners from all over the world.


The Sponsorship Program provides unequalled opportunities to thrust your Company front and center into the mainstream on important market issues, and derive the benefit of information from industry leaders and pioneers in your particular field. You will have the opportunity to drive your Company’s message forward to domestic and international audiences. As a Sponsor you will obtain the following benefits:

  1. Access to more than 7000 influential and engaged delegates available on short-notice and who regularly attend our conferences.
  2. Raise brand recognition and awareness as well as extend exposure and visibility in the market and specialized mass media.
  3. Enter the International market of professional services to meet key customers and establish new foreign partners.
  4. Opportunities to contact leading industry professionals and solidify business relationships.
  5. A venue to showcase attributes of your services and provide attractive content for a range of products.
  6. Access to media team able to develop, promote and enhance your company’s website.
  7. Provide a practical, and well respected avenue to market leaders enabling your Business to enhance its credibility, image and prestige.


Below are the guidelines for our full range of sponsorship opportunities:

Capital BE is dedicated to assisting your company achieve the maximum benefit from its investment as a Sponsor and offers a variety of options to suit your needs and budgets to deliver the most effective promotion of your Company.


  1. Acknowledgement of your company’s sponsorship during the whole period of the sponsored Event.
  2. Participation of Company’s Head as a key speaker in the agenda of the conference or Presidium membership (by agreement with CBE)
  3. Sponsor’s logo and recognition:
  • Company listed in specialized mass media publications;
  • In agenda personal mailing (5000 subscribers, mailing is done by Organizer, database is regularly updated;
  • On official Website of the Event with hyperlink to Sponsor’s website;
  • In press-release and promotional materials advertised by Media-Sponsors;
  • On the official banner located in Presidium;
  • In the post event thank you to all the participant of the Event;
  • On front cover of the printed agenda.


  1. Sponsor’s representative welcoming speech on Grand opening ceremony (by appointment).
  2. Company presentation on the first day of the Event (by appointment).
  3. Opportunity to choose preferential time for the speech/report (on demand).
  4. Sponsor’s representative welcoming speech with photo and biography in the printed agenda.
  5. Full page advert on the spread in the printed agenda (layout is provided by Sponsor).
  6. Sponsor’s promotional materials in the handouts (booklet, brochure etc.).
  7. Sponsor’s profile on the official web-site of the Event in the Event Sponsors section.
  8. Demonstration of Sponsor’s trailer during coffee-break and lunch.
  9. Prime location of Sponsor’s roll-up or booth (if any) in the conference hall.
  10. Presentation of souvenirs with Sponsor’s logo to all the participants of the Event (souvenirs are provided by Sponsor).
  11. Complimentary registration for Sponsor’s representatives to the Event (number agreed with CBE).
  12. VIP tickets to the Gala-dinner for Sponsor’s representatives (number agreed with CBE).

Any of the opportunity provided above can be individually tailored to meet your business objectives whether they are to influence potential customers, reinforce existing contacts or boost your company’s profile.

For more information, please go to the page of the selected event and submit your request to the Project manager, or email your

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