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Who are we?


Established in 2005, London-based consultancy Capital Business Events has attained a solid market reputation for delivering high quality and cost-effective professional training programmes specifically tailored to equip our clients with up-to-the-minute developments and expertise from global industry leaders within the key fields of finance, law, construction, insurance, mining, oil and gas, Human Resources, among others.  Over the years we have cultivated long-standing and valuable relationships with organisations across Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Asia and further afield.

Our team of specialists has over 15 years’ experience in the professional development and training sphere and we work with leading public and private organisations to constantly identify fresh opportunities to create unique education programmes and events.  We are dedicated to offering a superior service and understand that the effective learning solutions that we offer will help you achieve professional breakthroughs and remain a high performer within your sector.


The opportunities we can provide for you


The newest, most relevant information, technical knowledge and industry insights at your fingertips – essential tools to differentiate yourself from your peers in an increasingly competitive business landscape and expand your career prospects;

  • our clients can learn first-hand from leading specialists and industry experts
  • develop your skill set and get to know, analyse and compare the latest trends and technologies in your line of business;
  • receive guidance on how to put this knowledge into practice – be the first to implement and monetise this invaluable expertise;
  • deliver your message to a targeted, hand-picked audience and promote your products and services, expand brand awareness;
  • fantastic networking possibilities – maximise your opportunities of finding your perfect client and build new collaborations.



How we do it



We organise an end-to-end professional experience, tailored to fit our clients’ requirements

  • we assess our clients’ needs and take their goals into consideration, before conducting a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the subject matter and      relevant market conditions and trends;
  • we actively consult with the top professionals through our wide-ranging academic and industry contacts, prior to creating a bespoke and in demand product that not only reflects the current issues surrounding a particular sector, but offers our delegates a vital insight into how to optimise their activities within that sector and how to effectively meet any challenges therein;

The training programmes typically include the traditional lecture and seminar format, as well as networking events, conferences, site visits and meetings with professionals in worldwide locations;

We provide all-inclusive packages for our clients, thus allowing them to focus solely on the learning experience without the need to worry about details, bookings or logistics etc.

  • we ensure your every comfort, taking care of accommodation and dining arrangements – our experienced and friendly representatives accompany delegates to all events and engagements;
  • we know how to create the right atmosphere to facilitate the exchange of information in a relaxed environment;

We also offer a range of more bespoke services and events, outlined in the ‘Services’ and ‘Special Events’ sections of our website.


What makes us different


We are passionate about what we do and our proven track record and positive feedback from clients is testament to our success;

To maintain the high standards of our services, we continually liaise with top professionals across the major industries and are at the forefront of new developments worldwide – our courses are designed to reflect the ever-changing  market trends and are driven by our clients’ needs;

We think outside of the box and conduct in-depth research into how to help our clients optimise their performance and effectively steer their business through the current economic climate;

Exceptional customer service – our team is on hand to guide you seamlessly through the training programmes and provide support.



 To preserve and increase the intellectual capital of the Client.d_eng




To find the most effective approaches to the use of financial, human and intellectual resources available to customers today, and offer new opportunities for success tomorrow.

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